Lost items when travelling in Hakone! How to not panic and deal with such situations

When travelling overseas, you will be tired by going around so many tourist attractions and living in an unfamiliar environment, increasing the chances of losing things. You may find your child’s toy, or sought-after souvenirs missing, or even your passport or your wallet with cash or cards, or your smartphone or camera and other valuable items.

However, lost items in Japan often find their way back to their owners, and if you accidently lose something on your trip, do not panic and try to think about what to do. Here, we will introduce to you how to deal with such situations.

Losing items on the train on the way to Hakone

Tell the station stuff the date and time of your train, and which carriage you were in.

Lost items delivered to the station are kept at the terminal stop for 2 to 3 days, and will then be handed over to the police station if the owner is not found.

Losing items on the bus around Hakone

Most lost items on buses are handed over to the management center of the bus company for 2 to 4 days, and then handed over to the police station if the owner is not found.

Do remember to bring a form of identification along when retrieving your items.

Losing items on the taxi in Hakone

If you have the receipt of the ride, you can find the telephone number of the taxi’s company, so check with them there.

If you do not know the company of the taxi used, you can try the taxi center located in every prefecture. It is possible that your lost items will be delivered to the center or the police so do try to submit a lost item report.

Losing items at tourist attractions, shops and restaurants around Hakone

Find out the contact number of the place you lost your things from the receipt or other means.

Lost items are usually kept for several days at tourist attractions, but there are also places that hand over the items to the police immediately, so submit a lost item report.



When going to the station or bus management center, there may be staff that speaks foreign languages, but taxi centers and other shops may not. When in trouble, try discussing with the staff at the hotel or inn you are staying at, and they could possibly help you with it.