WiFi available?

Only around lobby area. However the quality(include availability,speed and etc…) is not guaranteed. You’d better bring in items like portable wifi if you really need to get connected to internet during your stay.

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Can you give us a Verification of Accommodation at the property?

Sorry but no. Please consider to use the following items as your Verification of Accommodation. 1. A booking confirmation Email which has been sent to you from the website you made the booking at (e.g. Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda and etc…) 2. The credit card bill which shows the fact that you have stayed at our […]

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Do you have curfew?

No. However, be sure of that you bring both of your room key and your valuables with your very own self when you go out after check in. If you have left your room key at the front desk when you went out, and did not come back til the end of business hours of […]

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