How can we use the Private Onsen in Kanon?

When you try Private Onsen, we need you to take a PLATE written “Now on use”, from the front desk, to the door of each Private Onsen. Also, please lock the door from inside.
1 turn of use should be around 50minutes.
After your Onsen time, please be sure to bring the “Now on use” plate back, to the front desk again.
When you cannot find “Now on use” plate in the front desk, it means that both of the Private Onsen are on use right now.
In that case, please try later, or try our Public onsen, which is inside of Suirinso, a sister store of us, a hotel standing next to us.

*note you cannot use Suirinso’s Onsen when Suirinso is closed.
*Please know that no guest can reserve Kanon’s private onsen beforehand.