The way of Hakone Gora Kanon

To be honest, if you are searching for elegant,new,beautiful Japanese Ryokan, we have to say that our place is not the right place to stay.

Our place is old and small
Facilities are like 50yrs ago in Japan. Some of the facilities might not work well.
Probably at some points our cleaning might be far from perfect.
Each linens might be not really clean enough.

In addition,the meal we serve is not our home-made, it’s deliverd from suppliers, means, sometimes it’s not hot enough when you eat them in the restaurant. We don’t hire many staffs, means,most of the service will be done by Self-service.

If you are not happy with our style above, you should not book our property.

However, there are something we can promise,at the same time,can be proud of.

  1. Our Hakone Onsen is 100% pure.No artifact added.Onsen-lovers from all over the world enjoying our Onsen,we are very proud to see them happy in our place. Also,you can use our hotspring as “Private Onsen”, not as public onsen which many other people are in the same onsen at the same time. Many Hakone Ryokan charge extra fee when they let their guests use their hotspring as Priave onsen, but we never charge any extra fee like that. In addition, you can also enjoy the public Onsen inside of Suiriso, a sister store of us, which stands next to us, for free.
  2. It takes only 5minute walk from Naka-Gora Cable car station to our place. Means,we can serve you perfect base camp for your Hakone-All-around trip.
  3. We never bother you while you’re enjoying traditional Japanese Style Hakone stay. As you know, many of Hakone Ryokan has dozen of staffs who treat you during your stay, our place is not a place like that. Because most of the service will be done by self-service,you can feel perfectly at home when you are in our place.

Please take us as your tiny second house in Japan,Hakone.